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Mike Mullins BIO:
Mike Mullins took up the guitar at age 10, mandolin at age 20, and has been a regular fixture on the California roots and acoustic music scene for over 40 years. In 1984 he began a 30-year musical alliance with renowned fiddler Phil Salazar, recording two albums, and in 1990 co-founded the Acousticats. In 1992 the 'Cats released the acclaimed "Down At Evangelina's" project on Flying Fish Records. In 1993, Mike became the guitarist for the reformed Cache Valley Drifters with CVD alums David West, Bill Griffin and Wally Barnick, recording CVD's most successful album "White Room" Following the departure of David West from CVD in 1996, the remaining three members collaborated with fiddler/banjoist Dennis Caplinger to record "Mightyfine.net," and "Live in Germany." Mike also joined with fellow Drifter Wally Barnick and mandolin wizard Kenny Blackwell to form the Hay Dudes, an adventurous acoustic roots trio. In 2012, the Hay Dudes released their first self-titled album, featuring the guest talents of Byron Berline and Dennis Caplinger. For 25 years Mike also performed and recorded with acclaimed California songwriter Penny Nichols (1947-2017), who was (and ever remains) a mentor and abiding musical influence. In 2014, Mike released his first solo project, “Windows of Time,” a compendium of guitar and mandolin Americana styles showcasing Mike's original material over a 25 year span. In 2021, Mike completed his second solo project, "8-String Sketches," featuring solo mandolin arrangements of music from around the world, and was released on Acoustic Oasis Records. Mike also spent three summers as an artist-in-residence at the annual Mandolin Symposium, instructing classes with such luminaries as Symposium founders David Grisman and Mike Marshall. In addition to continued solo work, Mike remains active in several other musical projects, including the northern California-based string ensemble The New Acoustic Collective and the Santa Barbara-based bluegrass band The Salt Martians.

Selected Discography:
Phil Salazar, "California Bound" Filzar Records, 1984
Tom McCreesh, "Sing Your Own Heart's Song" 1984
Phil Salazar, "The Phil Salazar Band" Flying Fish Records, 1989
Peggy Jordan, "Is It Art Yet?" 1989
Paul Edward Sanchez, “Home By Morning” Jericho Records, 1992
The Acousticats, "Down At Evangelina's" Flying Fish Records, 1992
The Cache Valley Drifters, "Live on KPFK" CVD Music, 1993
The Cache Valley Drifters, "White Room" CMH Records, 1996
The Cache Valley Drifters, "Echoes and Reflections" Taxim Records, 1996
John McEuen, "Acoustic Traveller" Vanguard Records, 1996
The Cache Valley Drifters, "Mightyfine.net" Mighty Fine Records, 1998
Michael Mendelson, “A Fiddler's Notebook” Sliding Scale Records, 1998
Luis Moreno, Mike Mullins, Barrett Nelson, “Cerca del Mar” RT Productions, 1999
Chris Cairns, "Runaway Train" Fireheart Records, 2003
Penny Nichols, “I'll Never Be That Old Again” Pensongs Production, 2004
Jim St Ours, “So Many Roads, So Little Time” 2004
Gilles Apap, "Friends" Apapaziz Productions, 2007
Wally Barnick, "View From Lafler Canyon" Coast Ridge Records, 2008
Penny Nichols, “The 8 Voyages of Nep” Pensongs Production, 2008
Michael Mendelson, “Fiddle Pieces” Sliding Scale Records, 2009
Tom Corbett, "Tonight I Ride" Roundhole Records, 2010
The Cache Valley Drifters, "Live In Germany" CVD Music, 2012
Penny Nichols, "Colors Of The Sun" Pensongs Productions, 2012
"The Hay Dudes" Sustainable Tunes Records, 2012
Phil Salazar, “Phil Salazar's All-Time Favorites 1984-2005” Filzar Records, 2012
Phil Salazar and Friends, “Life On The Edge” Filzar Records, 2013
Biff Scarborough, "I Still Ain't Satisfied" Black Toast Records, 2014
Mike Mullins, "Windows Of Time" Rubber Chicken Records, 2014
Penny Nichols, "Golden State" Pensongs Productions, 2015
Shane Alexander, "Bliss" Buddhaland Music, Elevate Records, 2016
Wally Barnick, "Life Is A Demo" Vol. I Compilation, Coast Ridge Records, 2016
Wally Barnick, "Life Is A Demo" Vol. II Compilation, Coast Ridge Records, 2017
Jenny Van West, "Happiness to Burn" Jenny Van West Music, 2018
Phil Salazar and the Kin Folk, “Project 1, Part 3” Filzar Records, 2018
Arielle Silver, "A Thousand Tiny Torches" Passion Records, 2020
With Various Artists, "Kate Wolf 75th Birthday Concert" Owl Records, 2020
Mike Mullins, "8-String Sketches" Rubber Chicken Records, Acoustic Disc Records, 2021
Wally Barnick, "New Road" Sustainable Tunes Records, 2022
New Acoustic Collective, "Amor en Ritimo" Jason Keiser Music, 2022